Incentive Payroll &
Shop Floor Control
Made in the USA

Incentive Payroll Experts uses only USA-based software development (no global outsourcing) and leverages development tools from USA-based companies such as Microsoft.

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Increase Productivity & Streamline Processes

Fact is, manufacturing companies just do not get as much productivity from employees who are paid hourly rather than on performance. Historical results confirm that companies can gain 30-40% in productivity  just by moving from hourly to a well thought-out individual or team incentive pay program. 

Manufacturers that use piecework or incentive payroll and calculate payroll amounts manually have an opportunity for productivity improvements in the front office as well! Let the piecework payroll software program do the work for you; leaving you and your staff with more time to administer the incentives rather than calculating them.

In addition to calculating incentive payroll, you will also gain visibility and control from the host of shop floor control information in the system; including employee efficiency, standard and excess labor costs, work in process, cut order status, bundle status and more.

Incentive Payroll Experts offers both batch (daily) and real-time data collection and reporting options for managing incentive pay and shop floor activities and performance.
IP Batch Solution
IP Batch is a simple-to-use incentive software solution for calculating employee gross pay based on production information typically collected once per shift. Key capabilities include quick data input, bundle ticket printing, source to gross payroll calculations, time & attendance, shop floor control, quality control, care label printing, management reporting and other optional modules designed specifically for fashion and other sewn product and soft goods producers.
Incentive Payroll IP Realtime Solution
IP Realtime utilizes wireless networking and off-the-shelf tablet technology to eliminate ticket printing and gum sheets to collect and report all production activities in real-time; immediately as they occur throughout each shift. This always-on data collection and reporting provides immediate feedback to workers and managers on individual, team and overall plant performance.
Incentives and shop floor control do not have to equate to 'difficult'. Whether you choose IP Batch or IP Realtime, Incentive Payroll Experts keeps payroll and production management simple and understandable for you, your production employees and front office administrators.

Key System Features:


Operation & Style Management

Cut & Bundle Management

Bar-coded Bundle Ticket Printing & Scanning

Employee Management

Individual Incentive

Source-to-Gross Calculations

Automatic Calculation of Employee Averages

Employee Training Curves

Gross Pay transfer to ADP/PAYCHEX/CSV

Attendance Program

Integrate to Eton UPS/EtonNOTE

Integrate to Gerbermover UPS

Biometric Time Clock module

Quality Control module using Handhelds

Care Label Design & Printing

Central Cutting / Remote Sewing Capable

Multi-Plant Capable

Reporting Capabilities:


User filtered Data Listings

Style Bill of Labor

Style Bill of Labor Summary

Employee, Department & Plant Efficiency

Employee Efficiency Rankings

Work-in-Process by Cut

Cut Status (% complete, Progress)

Bundle progression & Stalled Bundles

Employee Gumsheet Report

Daily/Weekly Gross Pay Reports

Department & Plant Labor Cost

Time Card Detail

Employee Training Curve Tracking

Attendance Detail/Summary

Quality Control reports

Print Gumsheets

Print Employee/Dept/Pay Code labels